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Thanks to our extensive experience in large and small structures, we have developed our own method to assist and support our projects.

This method was conceived with the aim of setting you free and autonomous. We don't believe in dependence, our mission is to share our knowledge and tools and assist you in order to watch you eventually take the plunge on your own. But don't worry, we will always have your back!

The digital factory

Relying on 5 essential pillars, the digital factory combines ideas and skills, techniques and tools.

Our method gathers a team that creates products to accelerate the transformation of your company.

Discover the 5 pillars:


A unique, creative and collaborative event for your teams. We give ourselves between a half-day and a day to engage with your stakeholders and answer a problematic encountered within your organization, involving your people and the socraft team. A deep dive in the socraft universe!


We are ready and waiting to answer your questions, with passion. 30 minutes to spare? Great! Have a virtual coffee with Farhdine!

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