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More than a team of experts, socraft people are digital passionates above all! This passion allows us to learn, test, dare, innovate and share all that experience with our clients.

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We assist you in the implementation of digital practices and tools, in a customised and adapted way. Together, we can redefine your corporate information systems, audit your tools and processes, structure new projects, implement a software development factory and more widely elaborate your strategy and your position towards digitalisation.

Our strength? We know how to adapt to situations, we take into consideration your context, resources and ambitions to answer your needs in a targeted way.



We first seek to understand your environment. We then conceptualise together a customised solution for your company.

We build its structure and features using framing techniques, UX and UI methods while having it tested by your end-users.



socraft relies on a very forceful and effective approach for developing: software craftsmanship. More than a method, we make it our DNA! We use clean code, scalable architectures, test- and automation-driven development practices. We also assist you in establishing the product team. This last, organised and agile, is composed of business and IT people, the ideal combination to realise the product that meets all your expectations. Our mission: sustain your team and its approach.



Whether it is about technique or methodology, we organise internal or external training with the aim of sharing our knowledge and expertise. We combine practice and theory for a maximum impact on your teams and make them autonomous.

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An event that is unique, creative and collaborative for your teams. We give ourselves between a half-day and a day to engage with your stakeholders and answer a digital problematic encountered by your organization. A total immersion in the socraft universe!

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We are ready and waiting to answer your questions, with passion. 30 minutes to spare? Great! Have a virtual coffee with Farhdine!

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